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Welcome to website of Patrick Hromniak.

I am a student of the technical university in Vienna and my field of study is media-informatics and visual computing where I want set my focus on computer vision. My other interests are webdevelopment, usability engineering and photography. Currently I'm maintaining and developing service applications which are used for managing passenger transport. You can read more about this project on my website. Before I started my studies at TU Wien I was a student of HTBLVA Spengergasse, a school which focuses on informatics.
What is the reason of this website? On the one hand I want to have a location where I can publish contact information and projects, but on the other hand I also wanted to create a blog and post about everyday life as a growing software developer. I want to show people that digital future is bright and we should definitely focus on it. But we have to overcome one's weaker self. I am still developing my own strategies to learn at university and start my own business. I want to share my thoughts, encounters, failures and successes.

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